John Findlay

About me

I am a retired businessman who has written 2 books. The first, “Prosper With Planning” is out of print. The second, “Maelbeatha, Warrior King is a factually based biography of Macbeth of Scotland. The book of 79,000 words was written over a period of several years and is listed on the Authonomy website. I would like to see it in print but one-book authors are not popular with publishers.

I am also a lifelong reader, starting with Mickey Spillane in my youth and proceeding through authors such as Steinbeck, Hemmingway, Russian Classics, on to modern authors such as Bernard Cornwell, RD Wingfield, and my personal favorite, Joseph Wambaugh plus a host of books on Scottish history. In summary, I would say that my preferences are for historical fiction, biography and mystery.

My interest in historical fiction started decades ago with a series of books by Charles Lamb.

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