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The Jacobites, More Than Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald…1715/1719 (part two)

Stirrings for the next Jacobite uprising came on the heels of the Scottish discontent with the act of Union in 1707 and with the death of the last Stewart/Stuart monarch, Queen Anne, on August 1st, 1714. Unfortunately, despite 17 births Anne left no heir for the crown of Great Britain…

The Jacobites, More Than Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald….(part one)

One of the most dramatic and romantic periods in Scottish history was the Jacobite Uprising in 1745. For historical and romance authors, other than the first Scottish War of Independence in the 13th and 14th century, this event is a favorite backdrop for their stories with braw, kilted Highlanders and…

What do writers and family historians have in common?

Welcome to the new Rings True Research website…So to answer what do family historians and writers have in common…in a word, RESEARCH. As a family historian and historical researcher for 28 years, I have learned there is no single way to do research. As a family historian, one quickly learns…

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