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I am an author with a keen interest in all things Renaissance, especially the Italian Renaissance. I have a historical fiction novel being released in November 2012 called The Lantern, which tells the story of the girl in the 15th Century who dared to enter the competition to build Brunelleschi’s dome.

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Dean Lewis: Dad's Eulogy

This is Dad's eulogy, as shared by us three siblings--myself, my sister Amy and my brother Warren--at dad's funeral on April 19, 2015. We all stood before the podium, reading the parts like a script. We like to think that we made dad proud. WARREN Our dad died last Tuesday,…

An Unexpected Angel

*This is the final of four essays dealing with the death of a parent       As many of you know from my previous blog posts, my father elected to go off dialysis since his quality of life was poor while on it. Through diet and a doctor willing…


*This is the third of four essays dealing with the death of a parent As the Elton John song goes, sorry seems to be the hardest word. But I'm beginning to believe the hardest word is goodbye. How do I say goodbye to my father who was the first to…

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