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I am an author with a keen interest in all things Renaissance, especially the Italian Renaissance. I have a historical fiction novel being released in November 2012 called The Lantern, which tells the story of the girl in the 15th Century who dared to enter the competition to build Brunelleschi’s dome.

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What Cannot be Unseen

Our nation is experiencing a tumultuous time of divisiveness, terrorism, racism and prejudice. Over the last half-century, which is my lifetime, we have witnessed countless disturbing images in photographs and videos, on newscasts, over the Internet, and in person. The current polarization seems inevitable due to all we have seen,…

Mindfulness and a World of Difference

        *This is a guest post by my sister, Amy Lewis Faircloth.      The news around the world is dreadful. Two young black men recently killed by police officers, one in Minnesota and one in Louisiana.  Police officers fatally gunned down in Dallas and Louisiana. Terrorists…

Dear Hillary, How about Michelle as your VP?

Dear Hillary,             I am one of the millions of Americans who are horrified and amused by this election season. I know you get advice from advisors, political pundits, and the Joe on the street as to how to run your campaign. I thought I would add my opinion to…

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