Joanne Lewis

About me

I am an author with a keen interest in all things Renaissance, especially the Italian Renaissance. I have a historical fiction novel being released in November 2012 called The Lantern, which tells the story of the girl in the 15th Century who dared to enter the competition to build Brunelleschi’s dome.

From my website

If My Pets Could Text

I have a ten-pound gray poodle and two cats. They are sweet and affectionate, adorable and playful. From Frisco, I get unconditional love and writing breaks when we go for walks. Bruno is my big gray and white striped baby who loves to cuddle and Dante, my black cat, is…

My Love Stories

It is said that everyone has one true love in life, but I have learned this is not true as I have fallen in love many times. As a child, I was in love with my parents who protected, nurtured and guided me. Dad made up bedtime stories that carried…

Peace in the Past

I like cemeteries. There are names for people like me such as tombstone tourist, cemetery hunter, and graver, which are not to be confused with a taphophile who is someone who loves cemeteries and funerals. I dislike funerals. The first rural cemetery, also called a garden cemetery, was Mount Auburn…

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