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I am an author with a keen interest in all things Renaissance, especially the Italian Renaissance. I have a historical fiction novel being released in November 2012 called The Lantern, which tells the story of the girl in the 15th Century who dared to enter the competition to build Brunelleschi’s dome.

From my website

The Trickle Up Effect: Treating our Elderly with Respect

The swath of Hurricane Irma was so wide that while the storm did not directly hit South Florida, where I live, its effects were devastating. Once again, South Florida made national and international news. Not for all the good we do, but for the bad. This time, it was really…

Telford Taylor: Prosecutor & Professor

I always wanted to be a novelist but knew it wasn't a sure way to make a living. I figured I would follow my sister's footsteps and go to law school. That way, I reasoned, I could make a good living and pursue my passion on the side.  I hated every…

Emulation in fiction: A Copy Cat Crime?

I had a friend named Ellen growing up who copied everything I did. She was one year younger than me. Like a sibling who mimicked my every move, she annoyed me. When we were eight and seven years old, respectively, we took showers after a day at the beach. After…

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