Joanna Campbell Slan

About me

A love of history, a love of mystery, and a compulsion to tell stories. Those qualities have driven me to write The Jane Eyre Chronicles. Picking up where Charlotte Bronte’s classic left off, we find Jane happily married–and occasionally called upon to play amateur sleuth.

As for my biography…I have always loved books and Jane Eyre is my absolute favorite. Growing up in Indiana, I never dreamed I’d have the chance to travel the world and live in England! But as Emily Dickinson suggests, we must “dwell in possibility.” I’m the author of 20 published books, including three mystery series, and I live on Jupiter Island, Florida.

From my website

How I Became a Knotty Girl

After my surgery, I decided to take up miniature rug making. But I had a few problems, so I decided to email the “Queen of French Knots” herself,  Teresa Layman. Check out her Etsy page here: Teresa Layman And this is Teresa’s response to my many questions: Woohoo —  another Knotty girl!…

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