Joan Schonbeck

About me

My name is Joan Schonbeck and I am an author and freelance writer based in Marlborough, Massachusetts. I have published articles on history, health, home-making, Native-American issues and general interest topics. These have appeared in newspapers, magazines and websites. I have completed but not published First Encounter I, Southern New England dealing with 17th century New England and the King Philip’s War.
I am currently working on its sequel, First Encounter II, Northern New England , the story of how King Philip’s War never really ended but continued on for another 75 years in the form of the French and Indian Wars in Maine and Canada. The featured character of the second novel is Jean Vincent de Abbedie, the landless second son of a French aristocrat who became an Abenaqui chief (as well as a French baron). De Abbedie is not a fictional character—The Baron St. Castin really existed.

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