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Ethnography is one kind of storytelling. Fiction is another. Joan Koster first learned that true living is a mixture of ritual and passion and good food washed down with wine while conducting ethnographic research among Greek shepherds. Now living on a sheep farm in upstate New York, she is finding time to spin the truths she learned into the metaphysical world only possible in fiction.

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Feminism as Baggage

I think of myself as a storyteller, but I would not mind at all if someone were to think of me as a feminist writer… I’m very feminist in the way I look at the world, and that world view must somehow be part of my work.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie…

International Women’s Day for Writers

Why do we need a day to celebrate and recognize women’s accomplishments? All I have to do is look through the floor to ceiling bookcases in my office to know why. Most of the books are by men. Most of the history books are by men. Most of the textbooks…

Harriet Tubman on Slavery is the Next Thing to Hell

source: Wikipedia Harriet Tubman (1822-1913) was recognized as a hero in her own day. An escaped slave, she repeatedly went back to the south and led other slaves to freedom, saving thousands. Outspoken and fearless, she was a passionate and influential speaker in both the abolitionist movement and in the…

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