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Jo Haraf lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is active in the local literary scene including the HNS and the California Writers Club – Marin Branch.

Jo’s working on a collection of short stories set in New York in the 1920s. Her characters stand one step outside history’s spotlight during some of the period’s iconic moments including Lindbergh’s trip to Paris, the Yankee’s first World Series win, Jack Dempsey’s loss to Gene Tunney.

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Review: Playing Custer

Sometimes a book doesn’t click with the Historical Novel Society’s volunteer reviewers. Maybe the period or place didn’t sync, the descriptive blurb wasn’t engaging, or the stars weren’t aligned that day. Faced with an embarrassed book rocking from cover to cover, avoiding eye contact, trying to hide behind a computer monitor, the review editors will…

Character Foretastes – The Tsar of Love and Techno

Anthony Marra‘s first novel, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, won multiple awards including the 2014 National Book Critics Circle’s inaugural John Leonard Prize, the 2014 Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, as well as the inaugural 2014 Carla Furstenberg Cohen Fiction Award.   In late 2015, Marra released an equally award-worthy collection of short stories: The…

Review: The Axeman

The Axeman is based on an intriguing historical fact…a jazz-loving serial murderer was afoot in 1918-1919 New Orleans. The novel follows fictional former friends, a detective and and the mentor he sent to prison, as they compete to find the killer first. Unfortunately, the author complicates an otherwise solid and colorful story by imaging New Orleans native Louis Armstrong…

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