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Jo Haraf lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is active in the local literary scene where she is a Board member of the California Writers Club – Marin Branch.

Jo is spending most of her time in the 1800s working on a fictional biography of Lady Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s only legitimate daughter and the world’s first computer programmer.

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Linked Short Story Collections

Linked story collections combine the best of the short story (quick read, compressed action) with the long arc and multiple characters of a well-crafted novel. Individual stories are unique, like a single stem in an English Garden, but when combined with flowers unlike themselves, their power to amaze increases. Lately, I came across a list of…

The Past in the Present

When in New York City for longer than a plane change, I visit either the Lower East Side Tenement Museum or a Broadway play. On my last trip, I settled into my balcony aisle seat for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. Allow me to gush. What’s not to love about a well-staged,…

A Log of Monologues

From time to time I become smitten with an element of craft. These days, I’m head over heels for monologues. In this blog, I’ll list a few of the most memorable soliloquies I’ve encountered in my readings. Check these links for Retrospective Narrators and Linked Story collections. Please share your favorite…

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