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Jo Haraf lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is active in the local literary scene including the HNS and the California Writers Club – Marin Branch.

Jo’s working on a collection of short stories set in New York in the 1920s. Her characters stand one step outside history’s spotlight during some of the period’s iconic moments including Lindbergh’s trip to Paris, the Yankee’s first World Series win, Jack Dempsey’s loss to Gene Tunney.

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Review: Donovan’s Devils

  Writing non-fiction book reviews for the Historical Novel Society, I’ve discovered places, periods, and people I would not have encountered without the luck of assignment. In Donovan’s Devils—OSS Commandos Behind Enemy Lines, accompanied by WWII fighters waging a clandestine war of liberation, I revisited familiar Italian villages a dozen years before…

Review: A Fine Imitation

After reading my reviews friends often ask, “but—did you like the book?” Generally, I shrug their questions off. It’s not my job to like or dislike a book. I believe good reviews provide enough information for the reader to decide if they will like the book.  I’ve already read it—at least four times. If I’m truly unhappy with…

Review: At The Existentialist Café

Most of the books I review for the Historical Novel Society have little word of mouth. An unknown gem, I predict, each time I tear open the manila mailer, hoping to find the next best seller. And then there was the time my envelope yielded At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, And Apricot…

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