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Author of THE SECRET PLAYER, 2012, and DARK VENUS, 2014, volumes one and two of the Shakespearean Actor Trilogy. A novelist and college teacher of literature, I write a blog, “Sex and Gender in Shakespeare’s England”–see www.jinnywebber.com/blog. Book information at www.ShakespeareanTrilogy.com

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Boy Actors and Sex, Part 3

Whatever you may have heard, not every boy gains my attentions. For all his honey-gold hair, Jack charms me not. But you.” Marlowe looked at me sorrowfully. “A girl!” “Enough to damn me?” “Not to damn you. But I don’t make love to girls and cannot imagine it now, for…

Boy Actors and Sex, Part 2

“What? Shall I have my son a stager now? An ingle for players?”  Ben Jonson, Poetaster How much would a boy actor be pressured sexually? And by whom? Sander Cooke, knowing that in her boy’s garb she will be desired by both men and women, determines to be admired from…

Boy Actors and Sex, Part 1

 “My master warned us: a boy who plays ingle will lose his place in the troupe. We can’t have our playhouse a brothel.” Nat laughed. “Ingle! Brothel! Don’t you just have the fancy words.” His tone turned wheedling. “Come back to bed, Sander. I’m a lad, not a man. Nothing…

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