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Author of THE SECRET PLAYER, 2012, and DARK VENUS, 2014, volumes one and two of the Shakespearean Actor Trilogy. A novelist and college teacher of literature, I write a blog, “Sex and Gender in Shakespeare’s England”–see www.jinnywebber.com/blog. Book information at www.ShakespeareanTrilogy.com

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The Woman Warrior

In her first appearance to Charles, Dauphin of France, Joan describes her vision of the Virgin Mary—and then proves herself by matching swords with the Dauphin and winning. I still had far to go in my skill with rapier and dagger, and I envied Jack’s adroit parrying. Joan speaks stirringly…

Moll Frith, the Roaring Girl

“Moll Frith was the most notable woman in London after the Queen, to whom she was as opposite as a chunk of red glass from a ruby.” The Secret Player, Chapter XII   As Queen Elizabeth was known for her gems and finery, Moll Frith was known for the paste…


  Perhaps The Taming of the Shrew was simply a jest, as Will Kemp claimed. “We men know that no woman can be well and truly tamed!” Chapter X, The Secret Player Shrew-taming was the subject of joke and ballad in Shakespeare’s day. “The Merry Jest of a Shrewd and Curst…

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