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Author of THE SECRET PLAYER, 2012, and DARK VENUS, 2014, volumes one and two of the Shakespearean Actor Trilogy. A novelist and college teacher of literature, I write a blog, “Sex and Gender in Shakespeare’s England”–see www.jinnywebber.com/blog. Book information at www.ShakespeareanTrilogy.com

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Women and Literacy

“You’re the one who inspired me.” [Kate says to her brother Johnny] “Me?” “Your knowledge. Your Ovid that you taught me to read, all those fantastical transformations. Now I shall have one myself.” “Into a boy.” He looked dubious.   Chapter III, The Secret Player As Nigel Wheale says in Writing…

Boy Actors and Sex, Part 4

My first stage kiss, given me by Suffolk, I accepted as Margaret awakening to her potential: “That for thyself; I will not so presume/ To send such peevish tokens to a king.”           Sander Cooke, Chapter XI, The Secret Player Near the conclusion of her chapter on…

Boy Actors and Sex, Part 3

Whatever you may have heard, not every boy gains my attentions. For all his honey-gold hair, Jack charms me not. But you.” Marlowe looked at me sorrowfully. “A girl!” “Enough to damn me?” “Not to damn you. But I don’t make love to girls and cannot imagine it now, for…

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