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Author of THE SECRET PLAYER, 2012, and DARK VENUS, 2014, volumes one and two of the Shakespearean Actor Trilogy. A novelist and college teacher of literature, I write a blog, “Sex and Gender in Shakespeare’s England”–see www.jinnywebber.com/blog. Book information at www.ShakespeareanTrilogy.com

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Boy Actors and Sex, part 1

 “My master warned us: a boy who plays ingle will lose his place in the troupe. We can’t have our playhouse a brothel.” Nat laughed. “Ingle! Brothel! Don’t you just have the fancy words.” His tone turned wheedling. “Come back to bed, Sander. I’m a lad, not a man. Nothing…

The Genesis of Alexander Cooke

“I shall call myself Alexander, . . . the grandest conqueror the world has ever known.”  Chapter III, The Secret Player As Bill Bryson says in his book Shakespeare, The World as Stage, we know very little about the boys who played women in Shakespeare’s plays. They had to have…

Boy Actors in England

“Acting is too dangerous a life for a woman, traveling about, meeting all sorts, wearing costumes, pretending and lying.” Jack Wilson in Chapter II, The Secret Player In his book Impersonations (Cambridge University Press, 1996), Stephen Orgel raises the question of why in Elizabethan England, alone of European countries, only boys…

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