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Author of THE SECRET PLAYER, 2012, and DARK VENUS, 2014, volumes one and two of the Shakespearean Actor Trilogy. A novelist and college teacher of literature, I write a blog, “Sex and Gender in Shakespeare’s England”–see www.jinnywebber.com/blog. Book information at www.ShakespeareanTrilogy.com

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Androgyny and Male Attire

Johnny held out a satchel, showing me the clothes that near overflowed it: boots and hose, breeches, jerkin and shirt. Holding up a linen band, Johnny smiled. “I’m to tell you to be sure to wrap it tight. And for Mag to cut your hair.” Chapter II, The Secret Player…

Portia and Nerissa Play the Man

“I’ve had enough of your tongue. Eat or not, but keep your mouth shut. Isn’t that what the Bible says?” [Martin, Kate’s husband-to-be] Martin had read no Bible, but apparently he had not missed that favorite lesson of Father Jaggard, from the first gospel of Timothy: “Let the woman suffer…

The Woman Warrior

In her first appearance to Charles, Dauphin of France, Joan describes her vision of the Virgin Mary—and then proves herself by matching swords with the Dauphin and winning. I still had far to go in my skill with rapier and dagger, and I envied Jack’s adroit parrying. Joan speaks stirringly…

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