Jim Oglethorpe

About me

Jim is 63 years old and a native of Connellsville, Pennsylvania. A child of the 60’s, he graduated from Penn State in 1972.
An accountant by training, Jim had a long career in financial and business management. One constant his entire life has been a love of reading.
“The first series I really enjoyed was ‘The Hardy Boys’, read almost all of them one summer vacation”, says Jim. “I’ve always loved a good mystery. So when I decided to start writing my book it was destined to be one.”
Jim’s family included many coal miners. “And all of my grandparents came to America around the turn of the 20th century.”
Jim started writing in 2009, first blogging about politics before deciding to try his hand at fiction.
In his spare time Jim is active in his church, his community and at a local nonprofit. He’s currently working on a short story and recently even penned a few songs. “The one constant in my life has been music. I was rocking and rolling at an early age and still am.”

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