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Jessica McCann, a professional freelance writer and novelist, lives with her family in Phoenix, Arizona. Her debut historical novel, All Different Kinds of Free, was awarded the Freedom in Fiction Prize and is available in trade paperback, ebook and audio.

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This is Not about Politics

Brace yourself for a strikingly-simple, yet brilliant idea. It’s super easy, and it’s something each of us can do, today. It will make us happier people, and it will make the United States an even better place to live than it is now. Ready? Here it is: For every minute...

Video Blog: Where do novelists get ideas?

Where do I get the ideas for my novels? This is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. In this brief video, I share my thoughts about where ideas come from and why reading is my most powerful writing tool.

Book Reincarnation

What do you do with an old book that has special meaning to you but otherwise has no real purpose or value? Its paperback binding is shot. Its yellowed pages are falling out. Toss it in the recycle bin? Never. Keep it on your bookshelf gathering dust forever, knowing you’ll...

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