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Los Angeles native and award-winning author Jeri Westerson writes the critically acclaimed Crispin Guest Medieval Mysteries, historical novels, paranormal novels, and LGBT mysteries. To date, her medieval mysteries have garnered twelve industry award nominations, from the Agatha to the Shamus. Kirkus Review said of her latest Crispin Guest Medieval Mystery THE SILENCE OF STONES, “Westerson’s tortured protagonist is never dull, and his newest adventure leads to a swift and satisfying conclusion.” Jeri is former president of the SoCal chapter of Mystery Writers of America and frequently guest lectures on medieval history at local colleges and museums. See her website for discussion guides, series book trailer, and more.

From my website

Kings of the Shambles

27 October 1390 Feastday of Saint Frumentius, 13th year in the reign of King Richard II Even after a year Jack and I are still in the habit of referring to our lodgings as “the new place.” I suppose it shall ever be, for to me, having lived on the…

Jack’s Beard

18 March Feastday of St. Edward the Martyr, the 12th year in the Reign of King Richard II It has come to my attention that my apprentice, now a lad of sixteen, has taken it upon himself to grow whiskers. I do recall the exercise myself when at that age.…

Winter Sky

Feast day of Saint Ethelgiva of Shraftsbury, the 11th year in the reign of King Richard II Jack sat with his chin on his hands and his arms lying on the sill, gazing out the window. “Isn’t it a bit cold for that?” I asked him. “Aye, Master,” he said,…

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