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Jennifer Lamont Leo writes inspirational historical fiction set in the early 20th century. Her debut novel, You’re the Cream in My Coffee (2016), is set in 1920s Chicago by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. A sequel is scheduled for publication in Fall 2017. Jennifer is represented by Ann Byle at Credo Communications. An Illinois native, she now lives and writes in the mountains of northern Idaho.

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M is for Mascara (and Maybelline)

Image source: If there’s one cosmetic I hate to leave the house without, it’s mascara. Unadorned, my pale lashes cause people to ask if I’m feeling a bit peaked, to useĀ  an antique euphemism for you look like death warmed over. Today on M-day I’m lumping “mascara” and “Maybelline”…

L is for Lipstick

When I first posted about matching lipsticks to car paint, I was driving a dark blue Dodge Stratus. As I am not a vampire, dark blue lipstick did not find its way into my makeup case at the time. Fast forward to today, when I’m driving a dark red Subaru…

K is for kaffeeklatsch

Yesterday’s Sparkling Vintage moment was a French concept, joie de vivre. Today we’re thanking the Germans for kaffeeklatsch, a term that dates back to 1888, from kaffee (coffee) and klatsch (gossip or chitchat). The website quotes Mary Alden Hopkins from a 1905 cooking magazine: “The living-room in a German…

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