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Hi there, I’ve been writing all my life and historical fiction is my passion. I have a Masters Degree in the Cultural History of Renaissance England and give talks to students about Shakespeare’s life and times at his Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon. I run a writers’ group aiming to help all our members into print. In previous incarnations I have worked in publishing as an editor, proof-reader, copy editor and copywriter. I have also been a press officer in a PR company. I am currently working on a novel based on my MA dissertation. The story focuses on a female priest harbourer leading up to and during the Gunpowder Plot in England, 1605.

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Russia – A very different way

Just back from a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg.  I expected it to be an eye-opener but the reality was, my eyes were opened in a totally unexpected way. Western assumptions about Russia are often still many years behind the times. It is a country trying to play catch…

The Trouble with Confidence

How to get confidence?  It’s a tough one.  If you’re born without it, getting hold of it can be a nightmare. In short, the only way to confidence is  (as we used to say in my psychological therapist days)  to act ‘as if’.  What does this mean?  Well, to put…

Happy Birthday William and hello Stratford LitFest

The Shakespeare Birthday procession in Stratford-upon-Avon is held annually on the weekend nearest his birthday (it’s assumed his birthday was on or around April 23rd as his baptism entry is April 26th and three days was the usual length of time between the birth and baptism).  Every year the great…

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