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Hi there, I’ve been writing all my life and historical fiction is my passion. I have a Masters Degree in the Cultural History of Renaissance England and give talks to students about Shakespeare’s life and times at his Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon. I run a writers’ group aiming to help all our members into print. In previous incarnations I have worked in publishing as an editor, proof-reader, copy editor and copywriter. I have also been a press officer in a PR company. I am currently working on a novel based on my MA dissertation. The story focuses on a female priest harbourer leading up to and during the Gunpowder Plot in England, 1605.

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Imposter syndrome

Now here’s a subject close to my heart.  When I heard that what I had was an actual ‘syndrome’ I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’ve always felt an imposter at virtually everything I’ve ever done and to have my feelings validated as an actual thing, well frankly I…

The impossible task? Finding an agent.

When I was writing my novel, all my energies were focused on getting the plot right, the structure in place, the historical facts as accurate as research allowed. In the years it had taken to finally put The Perfect Pure Virgin into satisfactory form, I hadn’t given any thought at all about…

10 planes, 4 boats, 1 train, 1 rickshaw, 1 microlight and an elephant – India and Nepal

It’s going to take time to process but I need to put down my thoughts while the scent of cow dung and oleander are still with me.  It’s been a lifelong ambition to travel to India and Nepal and I knew they would be very different from any countries I’d seen before.…

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