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writes historical fiction

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For a long time after I first self-published, I had no idea what Metadata might be.  Then one day I fell across something on the internet that made me feel I had to find out more about this strange sounding word. That is when I discovered that Metadata is the information…

A final word on Blurbs

You Should:See if you can get some Quotes from well-known authors. Some  will refuse you, but if one responds it will be worth it. The same applies to famous people reviewing your book because you can add their quotes to your book description. Quoting individual authors instead of publications will…

Blurbs - the professional way

Further advice on blurb writing - gleaned from various sources: Guessing what will work with your readers might do the trick, but actual data might be better. There are various ways and means of accessing data.Services like Manybooks allow you to test two different descriptions for your book to see which one gets the…

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