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Lost in France

Thursday 20th JulyOn Tuesday saw a single deer leave the sweetcorn and bound up the bank! Seems like it’s a deer thoroughfare. The heat is ramping up again, 38 degrees according to the thermometer in St George in the afternoon. We bought what we wanted at Madam’s little shop but…

French adventures - a continuation

Sunday 16thJuly(Quick note: I was unable to keep blogging, but now I'm back home again I can load the later blog post of my holiday)The hot weather is back again, so I’m up early in the morning to walk Tim before it gets too hot. After our disaster yesterday (Tim…

Lunch out

Friday 14thJulyAn even bigger trip today. We drove to Lalinde via St Foy where there are roadworks. I mention them because the traffic lights display the time you have to wait before it is your turn to drive off (which I think is a very good idea and worth adopting…

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