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writes historical fiction

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We actually put our gas fire on for an hour the other night and the heating the following evening as the house felt so cold. It still does. I'm wearing four layers in July! What is the world coming to?It is possible I feel it more today because I had…

Software and dog poo

My Goodreads pages were such a mess I have deleted the lot yesterday and rejoined. I suppose my pages look very blank right now, but I intend to read the instructions this time before plunging in and duplicating my earlier mistakes. I'm not intuitive about  this sort of thing; I…

Amazon royalties

There are some large numbers clocking up on my Kindle report screen since the KOLL/Pages Read thing began on 1st July. I shall have to wait until 15th August to get the true picture of what this actually means in terms of royalties paid out, but it looks intriguing. I…

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