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Alba is Mine pre-order link

I think it is safe to put this up now."ALBA IS MINE" is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store. Customers may pre-order here. Those who pre-ordered the book will receive the content on the release date, 10/01/2017."The bloody struggle to be king has begun for Finlay of Moray. Cheated by…


The per-page rate for Kindle Unlimited dropped down to $0.004034 per page for July, 2017.This downward trend has now continued for several months.But it’s common for the rate to drop in January for the holiday season, and return upward starting in February.On the other hand, the KDP Select Global Fund…

Summing up

The first detailed study of the genetics of British people has revealed that the Romans, Vikings and Normans may have ruled or invaded the British for hundreds of years, but they left barely a trace on our DNA. The Anglo-Saxons were the only conquering force, around 400-500 AD, to alter the…

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