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writes historical fiction

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Edits and family trees

"it was a long walk!"Coming to the end of edits - the ones I hope will be Final Edits, and am astounded to note that even at this late stage (after several edits) I can still play around with the word and sentence order and make improvements. I am beginning…

House decoration

Day 3 just starting. As our wonderful decorator was pulling onto the drive, I was tripping downstairs still buttoning my shirt having failed to give myself enough time to clean my teeth. I have had breakfast and Tim has been out for his walk in the woods, I've showered and…

Thinking ahead

Sitting here late on Sunday night I'm wondering what I will need tomorrow. I will not be able to get into my study because we are having the interior of the house painted and our decorator is going to begin with the hall and stairs. Obviously that means ladders and…

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