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writes historical fiction

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Ebook sales fall

It seems Ebook sales declined by 2.4% in 2015, the first drop in numbers of books sold in this medium for the “big five” publishers since the digital age began.According to the Bookseller, ebook sales slid as follows:-Penguin Random House by 0.4%Hachetteby 1.1%HarperCollins (excluding Harlequin Mills & Boon by 4.7%Pan…

How writingromance fiction has changed

Ambling around the internet this afternoon I found a long article on romance writing.... you will find the whole thing at this link - I want to be able to find it again, I've put the first couple of paragraphs here. I'm also going to suggest you read the whole…

PC problems

Problems with my pc again, My e-mail keeps vanishing. This is the third time it has taken itself off into the unknown so I hope I am not missing important messages. We suspect it is a clash of some kind between software since I updated to Windows 10. Although I…

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