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Jeff Rowe makes his living writing about health IT and other healthcare related topics.  After hours, however, he is writing a series of novels that take place in medieval Spain, a time when the culture, politics, and history of the Iberian peninsula were largely defined by the interplay between the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities.

His first novel, Song of Toledo, is available on Kindle at

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Behind the end of a 40-year deal between Belgium and Riyadh

According to the (Belgian) Parliamentary Committee, the Islamic center is at the origin of intolerance towards other faiths but also towards Muslim belonging to other schools of thought.

The Children Left Behind by the “Caliphate”

During years of occupation within the urban center of Aleppo, militiamen from Jabhat al-Nusra, a jihadist group originally linked to al-Qaeda, and from the Islamic State, took local women for wives as well as kidnapped girls, often belonging to religious minorities, to make them their sex slaves. From these unions,…

Of Gods and Men

Can one be faithful to one’s vocation to the point of dying for it? Can one risk one’s own life for neighbors of another religious confession?

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