Jeff Richards

About me

I have recently completed an American Civil War novel in stories called “Open Country” about my family who fought for both the Confederate and Union armies. Five of the 17 stories have appeared in various journals and one anthology. My approach to the subject is unique in that I am not as interested in the battles as in the effect of these battles on the average people who fought in the war as well as their relatives who remained at home. The novel is totally character based. One of stories is about a black survivor of the massacre at Fort Pillow and what he does to get even; another about a nurse who falls in love with a Confederate officer only to betray him for love of country. All the stories are tied together in one nice neck tie. I try as best as I can to write in the vernacular of the time in a tone that I would call gallows humor. Publishers feel free to inquire. Lit agents, too.

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