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Jean Huets is author of With Walt Whitman: Himself, a nonfiction interactive book, which prize-winning poet Steve Scafidi called “a book of marvels.” Her writing on the American Civil War era has been published in The New York Times, The Civil War Monitor, and in the book NY Times: Disunion. She co-founded Circling Rivers, an independent press dedicated to Americana: fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She authored The Cosmic Tarot book and co-authored with Stuart R. Kaplan The Encyclopedia of Tarot.

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A Quattrocento Crossroads

Lombardy, December 1450: Francesco Sforza, the duke of Milan, orders “carte de triumphi, della più belle poray trovare,” “triumph cards, of the most beautiful that can be found.”  (Click to Tweet / “Triumph cards – the most beautiful to be found” #Medieval #Tarot #Milan #Rennaissance @SCAsocial @usgstarot) Francesco’s triumph cards are called…

The Civil War Dead, for real

Page from a draft of “Song of Myself,” by Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman gives beauty to the soldiers dying under his care in the hospital. The goriest, most wrenching passage in his Memoranda During the War is for the dead on the field: “Slaughterhouse!—O well it is their mothers, their…

Walt Whitman’s Washington, D.C.

Walt Whitman called Washington, D.C. a city of “romance,” “of things begun.” It might seem an odd description by a man who spent countless hours witnessing in D.C.’s military hospitals every insult nature and man’s ingenuity could inflict on the human body. But while Walt’s residence in D.C. is known mostly for his…

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