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Jean Huets is author of With Walt Whitman: Himself, a nonfiction interactive book, which prize-winning poet Steve Scafidi called “a book of marvels.” Her writing on the American Civil War era has been published in The New York Times, The Civil War Monitor, and in the book NY Times: Disunion. She co-founded Circling Rivers, an independent press dedicated to Americana: fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She authored The Cosmic Tarot book and co-authored with Stuart R. Kaplan The Encyclopedia of Tarot.

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Soldadera Soul: Women Soldiers of the Mexican Revolution

Soldaderas walking with Zapatista army. Circa 1914. Source unknown. Marta Elva, author of American Tumbleweeds, guest posts on the soldaderas, the women who traveled with the armies of the Mexican Revolution. The image of my grandmother has always been fused with strength and power. I recall her hairline moist with…

Old Traditional Publishing

Great Fire of New York, 1835. One of the buildings on fire, at right, is the newspaper The New York American. Manhattan remains the capital of the American publishing world, despite the many changes the internet has wrought. Before the twentieth century, when publishing moved uptown, printers and editorial offices…

Paving Stones and the men who cut them

Streets paved with stone are generally called “cobblestone” streets. But they’re not always made of cobblestone. In historical section of Philadelphia:  (left) Cobblestone street. (right) Belgian block, here rectangular but it’s often square. “Cobbles” are rounded stones worn smooth by water. “Belgian block” or “sett” is cut paving stone, usually granite. Paul…

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