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Jean was born within the sound of Bow Bells and her books are set all in London’s East End. Her first novel, No Cure for Love, won the Harry Bowling prize in 2006. Her second, A Glimpse at Happiness, was shortlisted for the 2010 Romantic Novel of the Year. Perhaps Tomorrow, her third, won the Festival of Romance’s Best Historical Romance is 2012. Her latest, Call Nurse Millie, set in post-war East London is out in May 2013. She is published by Orion.

From my website

The Lost Heroine of District Nursing.

If you do a quick search for the history of District Nursing you’ll no doubt discover that William Rathbone’s founded of what is described as the first district nursing service in Liverpool in 1863. If you dig a little deeper you might also unearth the fact that almost forty years…

The Romance of History

I can pinpoint the moment I fell head over heels in love with history to the day, as a child I watched Roger Moore as Ivanhoe gallop across our black and white TV screen on a white horse.  My infatuation grew throughout my childhood fed on TV series like the…

I’m fed up with James Patterson.

Well not him personally, I understand he’s a really nice chap, but just his books. And I’m not annoyed with him for him being a universally known author while I’m a struggling mid-list one so please let me explain my annoyance. I’ve just come back from a week’s cruise and…

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