Michael Kleinfall

Website: https://www.michaelkleinfall.com

Bio: Graduate of the University of California-Davis 1970 followed by a career in business insurance and risk management. Now "retired," ​I have been active in Church ministry. One ministry married an interest in history (Roman imperial period) with the history of early Christianity. I often asked: What was it like to be one of the first Christians? Why would a "pagan" get involved with or practice this radically strange religion? How do we, twenty centuries later, relate? Four years ago I began a series of historical-fiction novels, Burnt Offerings—delving into this period of Roman and Christian history, entering the world, the culture, the lives of the first Christians and their Roman neighbors. A secondary purpose was to introduce important Christian figures who were instrumental in promoting (evangelizing) and defining what Christianity was and would become. Book I, The Peregrine's Odyssey, begins a journey into this early period of our shared history of western civilization.

Twitter: @readMKNovels

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