Jasmina Svenne

About me

East Midlands based writer Jasmina Svenne had her first novel Behind the Mask published in 2001, but as yet none of her subsequent novels has found a publisher.

She has sold nine novella-length historical romances to My Weekly Pocket Novels and People’s Friend Pocket Novels and has had short stories published in the anthologies including Wooing Mr Wickham (Honno), Come into the House (Corazon), Journeys Beyond (Earlyworks Press) and the second HNS anthology Distant Echoes (Corazon). Her proudest achievements, however, are writing the title story of the first HNS anthology The Beggar at the Gate & Other Stories and winning the 2015 Sophie King Prize for a historical short story, which was broadcast on Radio Gorgeous.

She also has more than 20 years’ experience (she started young) of all periods of Early Dance, from mediaeval line and circle dances through to ragtime.

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