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I was born on the slope of an Iron Age hill fort.

I lived in a nearby village where a mysterious flint cross was discovered by the village blacksmith on the hill that overshadowed it. The name of this cross, the Halig Rood became the English battle cry at Hastings. The hill on which it was found became the scene of one of the last rebellions against the Normans who in reprisal virtually exterminated the local English population.

How could I be anything but fascinated by the Dark Age and post Dark Age history of the West Country of England.

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Old Fart Wannabe Blog 12, Aargh. Panic

Hey, how did this happen? When did this juggernaut start rolling?Let me tell you and strike a cautionary note for any other Wannabe self-publisher who is following this.See, it’s like this. You know I wrote this book right? And the book became two books and the two books, which were…

Old Fart Wannabe Blog 11 - The Plan Grows in Scope

                                                               Well a lot has been happening. At least to my sluggish system it seems a lot .On the personal front…

Old Fart Wannabe Blog 10 - The plan takes shape

Old Fart Wannabe Blog 10 ,  August 13thSo what have I learned so far?The life of a book, my book, your book, consists of a number of linked events.     The first is the writing of the book. The product of this stage must be stellar; or as near thereto…

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