James C. Saunders

About me

I am a retired Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and have completed a novel titled Animal Dances, a story of WWI based on letters from France sent during 1918-1919. Am beginning the process to publish it now. Story depicts my hero’s adventures as a wagon driver, delivering artillery shells during the Muse-Argonne campaign. Story jumps between what is happening back home and at the front. During the war my hero longs to return home to his true love and the Animal Dances, obscene gyrations emanating from San Francisco bordellos, that swept the nation in the teen years of the last century. Traumatizing events occur in France, but all will be right when my hero comes home to marry his love. But she is not there, chased off by his mother. We follow my hero later in life where memories of the Great War ever haunt him. Story ends with a 50th reunion in 1968 with his squad mates, which reveals the trajectory of his friends after their war experience.

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