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James Bicheno is a writer of historical fiction and poetry and has dabbled in microfiction, short stories and scriptwriting. He has a BA (Hons) in History, an Undergraduate Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing and an MA in Creative Writing.

James has written two novels, one is the beginning of a series set during the Viking Age and the second is a stand-alone book set shortly after the Russian Revolution. He is currently seeking representation while he is writing his third novel, set in an alternative history.

James keeps a blog and is currently doing a ‘Read Through History.’ Check it out to see what it’s all about!

From my website

Read Through History October 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone! So, what horrors has everyone had this year? What books/films have people been watching? I can recommend some of the offerings from BBC Radio. Anyhow, while you await your Appointments With Fear, here are some treats for you. 1)┬áThe Great Siege by William Napier. Really good novel…

Read Through History: September 2015

Autumn is sort-of arriving. Festival season has been and gone and for about two months shops have been selling Christmas stuff. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve read this month: 1)┬áThe Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson. What if the Black Death had wiped out ninety nine…

Festival of Writing 2015: The Last Bit

The final workshop I attended was Psychic Distance with Debi Alper which was very interesting and useful. I attended this session last year and there is a blog post all about it. The Festival was rounded up with a closing address with Eve Harris in conversation with Diane Beaumont. They…

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