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James Bicheno is a writer of historical fiction and poetry and has dabbled in microfiction, short stories and scriptwriting. He has a BA (Hons) in History, an Undergraduate Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing and an MA in Creative Writing.

James has written two novels, one is the beginning of a series set during the Viking Age and the second is a stand-alone book set shortly after the Russian Revolution. He is currently seeking representation while he is writing his third novel, set in an alternative history.

James keeps a blog and is currently doing a ‘Read Through History.’ Check it out to see what it’s all about!

From my website

Read Through History: July 2016

Summer’s here and here’s what I’ve been reading over the last few weeks… 1) The Bitter Trade by Piers Alexander. This is set in England shortly before James II was overthrown. A young lad, desperate to stave off a blackmailer, becomes a coffee racketeer and is drawn in to a plot…

Read Through History May and June 2016

Yes! That’s right! A double bill, ladies and gentlemen! Why? Because… well… I didn’t get round to it last month. Anyroad, here’s what I’ve been reading over the last two months: 1) Vespasian: Rome’s Fallen Eagle by Robert Fabbri. The fourth installment in the Vespasian series shows the Roman General travelling to…

Read Through History: April 2016

It’s a Bank Holiday and spring is… springing? Anyhow, here’s what I read over April between running a half marathon and praying my knee didn’t fall off afterwards: 1) Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. Now I know this isn’t historical fiction but I did see somewhere it’s future history and…

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