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Diplomate of Academie St.Cere’ France and University of Texas Law School. Author of French Letters Series, Virginia’s War (Runner up Best Novel of the South and Romantic Novels with a Twist)and Engaged in War, Finalist Best Fiction London Book Festival, 1st Place Indie Excellence, 2d Place Stars and Flags; Author of the Year 2012 Military Writers Society of America. Author of writing series A Novel Approach and On the Nightstand, a review of books that keep me awake or put me to sleep. Married to wife, Alice, two sons and a daughter, and encouraged by JuneBug the cat.

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On the Nightstand: The Rites of Spring….

  “Oh, my God!” I remember Alice bolting up from her book, shaking.   She was near the end of My Brilliant Friend and she was beside herself.  “I can’t believe she.…” I can’t tell you what ‘she’ did or didn’t do, no more than to say that a week or…

What is First Draft?

First Draft is my personal newsletter. I let you know what I’m up to, such as the talk I’ll give March 17 to the Writers League of Texas at Book People, in Austin. I give you updates on how writing and research is coming along on my next book, such…

From Tet to Tet in Vietnam: March 10-11, 1968

COURAGE, WITH NO HOPE:  THE MEN OF RADAR LIMA SITE 85 The last North Vietnamese attack of the January Tet offensive began on March 10, 1968, when NVA soldiers scaled a cliff at Phou Pha Thi, Laos, to destroy an American radar site that directed airstrikes on North Vietnam and…

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