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J. R. Tomlin’s historical novels, set in Medieval Scotland, include Freedom’s Sword, A Kingdom’s Cost, and Countenance of War. Born in Texas, Ms. Tomlin spent much of her childhood traveling between South Texas and Edinburgh, Scotland. She is now a resident of Oregon but frequently returns to family roots in Scotland.

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The Intelligencer is off the the editor! Here's a look at Ch. 1

Intelligencer: a person who gathers intelligence, especially an informer, spy, or secret agent."Careful you don't give her a good show," said Cormac the minstrel, lanky and grinning, one shoulder resting on the wall."Wheesht. I'm giving no one a show," Sir Law Kintour said. He reached for a tiny jar sitting in…

A King Imperiled (Opening of the first chapter)

A King ImperiledJames Douglas of Balvenie. He waddled out the door of the tower that was the royal residence of Edinburgh Castle. In spite of the damp and chill, Balvenie was wearing no cloak.  Sweat dribbled down his round cheeks into the folds of his double chins. He paused, smoothing…

What I have in the works!

I am very busy with two new novels.I'm aiming for a December 20, 2016 release for the third novel in the Stewart Chronicles, A King Imperiled. That day I also plan to release the third novel in the Sir Law Kintour mystery series, and I'm still deciding on the title for…

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