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J. R. Tomlin’s historical novels, set in Medieval Scotland, include Freedom’s Sword, A Kingdom’s Cost, and Countenance of War. Born in Texas, Ms. Tomlin spent much of her childhood traveling between South Texas and Edinburgh, Scotland. She is now a resident of Oregon but frequently returns to family roots in Scotland.

From my website

The Templar's Cross: a snippet

Templar's Cross will be out soon. It goes to my editor next week, so the snippet is not yet edited and takes up about when the last snippet ended.On the way out of the tavern, Law sat down next to Cormac who had his harp in his lap tuning it.…

Another snippet from my upcoming historical mystery

To be titled The Templar's Cross this is at an assize the day after the discovery of two dead bodies and Law Cullen, my main character, has been called to testify. Please keep in mind, it is unedited and a first draft:Sir William’s scowl deepened. “Those clothes would have been…

Snippet of my work in progress: a historical mystery!

Sadly it doesn't yet have a title. It is my first historical mystery, and here are the first few pages (unedited). Hope you find it at least somewhat interestingHere goes:Through a gray curtain of drizzle, Law looked down from his window at the muck of the High Street. Narrow shops…

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