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J. Lynn Rowan started writing stories as a small child, usually starring her favorite cartoon characters. Most of her work through middle and high school was filled with typical teenage angst and melodrama, and usually mirrored the books she loved to read. But eventually she found her own author’s voice and decided to seriously pursue a writing career.

Historical fiction remains J. Lynn’s “first love”, but she has enjoyed the journey to becoming an author of romance and chick lit. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Central New York Romance Writers, and the Historical Novel Society. She is also a teacher who tries to instill a love of learning, reading, and writing in her students.

When she’s not writing, J. Lynn enjoys travelling, gardening poorly but enthusiastically, studying various topics in American history for her own expertise, and channeling Julia Child every time she steps into the kitchen.

She lives in Charlotte, NC, with her family.

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WHEN IN ROME Photo Travelog: The Appian Way

No trip to Rome would be complete without checking out the thoroughfare that carried armies, commerce, and travelers to and from Ancient Rome for ages. Let’s let Kate Miller, heroine of WHEN IN ROME, set the scene for us: The Metro Line stops just inside the old Aurelian wall. Domenic…

WHEN IN ROME Photo Travelog: Renaissance Rome

During the Renaissance Era, Rome became something of a center of power. Many of the buildings that remain today, while now occupied by apartments, hotels, retail spaces, and offices, date from this time period and are still stunning. Side streets are narrow and winding, while major thoroughfares are clogged with…

Cover Reveal – The One I’m With (Sweet Somethings Book 3)

Since I just sent some revisions back to my editor yesterday and the release date is somewhat set in stone, I thought it might be a good time to reveal the cover for Sweet Somethings Book 3! Ready? In this installment, I’ll be taking readers a little closer to my…

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