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Janet Evelyn Seaward, born in Kent and brought up in South London, is a writer and visual artist.
After leaving school, Janet spent a year doing a fine arts foundation course at Cambridgeshire College of Art followed by a course in Graphics and Advertising at Medway College of Art.
After leaving Medway she worked as a designer in the art departments of Flair and Cosmopolitan magazines. This finally led to a career as a freelance illustrator, working for many magazines, newspapers and advertising agencies.
Janet has had several one-man shows in London and taken part in many group exhibitions.
‘For Every Lie’ is the first novel by Janet. Based on the real lives of her ancestors, it is a captivating insight into Victorian London. Janet also goes under the name of Jan Seaward where she has combined both her writing and illustrative abilities to create the children’s titles ‘Firewash & Sons’.

From my website

Christmas Morning. London 1860

An extract taken from “For Every Lie” by J E Seaward At eight o’clock on Christmas morning, a clean skinned, rosy cheeked, shiny haired Mary, recklessly ignoring a fresh covering of ice, ran up the steps from the kitchen door wearing her best dress covered with a thick, brown cloak…

Christmas Shopping. London 1860

An extract taken from “For Every Lie” by J E Seaward The Christmas tree in Mme Goosen’s shop window.   ‘Violet, I have to do some Christmas shopping, why don’t you come? The shop windows are bursting with beautiful things, sparkling silver and china…’ ‘What would I want with all…

A Victorian Winter, London 1860

Extract taken from “For Every Lie” by J E Seaward The horrors of a cold Victorian winter did not immediately touch the Atkinsons and the better-off classes in Hammersmith, nor even Mary herself. She had the protection of a warm kitchen, food in her stomach and clothes on her back.…

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