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Votes needed and some sweet deals

Sometimes as authors we feel the need to have “pretty things” to giveaway. We call it swag. As an artist, I get really excited when I find a graphic designer who does amazing work at a reasonable price. Well, I’ve found her…and she’s incredible! Meet Talina at Bookin’It Designs. Say,…

Sneak Peaks

I’m really excited to be a part of a great new group of authors who are providing free content to readers across multiple romance genres. Allow me to introduce you to The Sexy Scribblers. Who are the Sexy Scribblers? The Scribblers are a group of 14 authors who banded together…

Cool Cash-Hot Summer Reads!

Stay connected with your favorite authors or discover someone new. These authors have joined together to offer a fabulous giveaway. J.A. COFFEY http://jacoffey.com/ ANGIE DANIELS http://angiedaniels.com/ LENA HART http://www.lenahartsite.com/ ANNE LANGE http://authorannelange.com/ CAROLINE LEE http://www.carolineleeromance.com/ KISHAN PAUL http://kishanpaul.net/ CHANTA JEFFERSON RAND http://www.chantarand.com/ LUANNA STEWART http://www.luannastewart.com/ VALERIE TWOMBLY http://www.valerietwombly.com/ AUBREY WYNNE…

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