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Slut-Shaming in the Industry

photo courtesy of Alisa Varner I happened across a social media postĀ from one my all time favorite authors that actually turned my stomach. The FB post was in response to a linked article about NPR’s lack of inclusion of her wildly popular fantasy novel, (one that I have purchased, and…

The Great Shoe Cake-Over!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how frugal I am. But I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of my love of all things sweet. It’s why I sneak in recipes in the back of all my romances, and why I post more in my newsletter (which you can…

Votes needed and some sweet deals

Sometimes as authors we feel the need to have “pretty things” to giveaway. We call it swag. As an artist, I get really excited when I find a graphic designer who does amazing work at a reasonable price. Well, I’ve found her…and she’s incredible! Meet Talina at Bookin’It Designs. Say,…

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