Ingibjorg Agustsdottir

About me

I’m a lecturer in British literature at the University of Iceland. Among my research interests is the historical novel; I have published, or am about to publish, articles on Charles Dickens’s historical fiction, on treatments of Mary Queen of Scots in fiction and film, and on the popular historical novel today, in particular the novels of Philippa Gregory.

Aside from my academic interests, I am very much into historical fiction as a reader. I find it opens up windows into the past, from which I can then go on to explore further points of interest. I very much enjoy being a member of this society and getting the Historical Novels Review, where I can always find articles of interest (and many additions to my huge list of books to read).

From my website

The Mysterious Murder of Lord Darnley

Today I am happy to have finally got news of a forthcoming publication which has been long awaited by the contributors, one of whom is myself. This is a book named Crimelights: Scottish Crime Writing – Then and Now, a collection of articles that sprung from a conference on Scottish…

Welcome to my website

This is my official website as faculty member in English (within the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics) at the University of Iceland. In this blog I will be writing short entries about my work, research and teaching. The picture below is of a favourite novel of mine. Much…

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