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Our latest release (January 24th 2014) is the first ebook edition of the acclaimed historical romance Lily’s Daughter by Diana Raymond. Diana Raymond wrote 24 novels, as well as articles and poetry. She was married to the celebrated novelist Ernest Raymond. During WWII, Diana was personal assistant to General Ismay, Churchill’s Chief Military Assitant.

We recently published the first ebook edition of a title by the international bestselling author Catherine Gaskin. The Property of a Gentleman is a haunting romantic suspense novel, with a story that revolves around the legacy of a young Spanish aristocrat who met an untimely death when she came to England during the Reformation.

Also: Chasing Shadows (by J Carmen Smith), part family saga and part memoir, tells the true story of a Spanish immigrant to Liverpool at the turn of the last century. It is also the story of her granddaughter’s search, 100 years later, for her own lost heritage and the truth about Micaela’s early life.

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Four Riddles for Jane Austen by Gabrielle Mullarkey

A gripping page-turner full of intrigue and edge-of-the-sedan chair adventure as Jane Austen risks her life to solve a quartet of baffling crimes. ‘Jane Austen fans – in fact, anyone who loves a good page-turner – will love this. I did!’ Sue Thomas (former Features Editor of Woman) At 31,…

Victoria Four-thirty by Cecil Roberts

London, 1937. A world famous composer, a honeymooning couple, a novelist in search of a plot, a German film star, a young crown prince and a sister of charity are among the disparate group of travellers on the boat train to continental Europe. “It would be very interesting to know…

One Night in London by Lucilla Andrews

The gripping story of one night in a busy London teaching hospital in 1940s wartime. It’s 1944, and at St. Martha’s Hospital the staff carry out their duties as flying rockets and bombs fall around them. The doctors and nurses of Wally’s ward must care for their patients despite little…

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