Heather Hambel Curley

About me

I am a living historian with the Baltimore Light Artillery and a former volunteer with Harpers Ferry National Historial Park in both living history and archaeology.

I write New Adult romance about the Civil War. I also write about the Edwardian era and World War II.

From my website

Becoming a blue haired, paranormal princess

Fall is possibly my favorite time of year, despite the fact that I hate being cold and spend the majority of my time shuffling around wearing layers of hoodies and long sleeved shirts. I just…ugh, I hate the cold.  I need to be sitting in a patch of sunshine somewhere.…

In which plans got changed and I went on an adventure

I’ve been meaning to blog about our artillery event not happening, but two things have kept me busy: I’m frantically working on the Steampunk/paranormal I’m co-writing with Rebecca Hamilton (I’m typing until my fingers wear down to the bone–the BONE, guys) and One Direction is taunting me with some kind…

My awkward inability to NaNo

The computer is back!!  Yaaaaaaaaay! And there was much rejoicing. So, the past two weeks have been awkward.  No laptop.  No ability to write trashy fan fiction—I mean, I mean, my novels.  My current list of works in progress looks a little something like this: Paranormal/steampunk with Rebecca Hamilton Paranormal…

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