Heather Hambel Curley

About me

I am a living historian with the Baltimore Light Artillery and a former volunteer with Harpers Ferry National Historial Park in both living history and archaeology.

I write New Adult romance about the Civil War. I also write about the Edwardian era and World War II.

From my website

The Caribbean and I are mutally fond of each other

Back in January, I fell off the face of the earth and travelled to my favorite place on the planet, The Caribbean.  Why do I love the Caribbean?  Here’s my Top Reasons: Warm Rum Sunshine More rum This year, we sojourned to the Southern Caribbean with our besties Nick and…

Haunt: Book Blurb, Baby

I’ll be the first to admit, I really don’t like writing book blurbs.  I don’t know why.  I’m dramatic and enjoy writing, but when it comes to writing basically a dramatic preview of the novel, I just have no idea what to do.  I do a lot of staring.  Lots…

This is not a drill: New Book Release!

Just when you thought you’d be stuck waiting for the sequel to With Me Now, I’m here to officially announce that, no, you’re wrong. Take a gander at this gorgeous cover: My latest release, Haunt (cue triumphant fanfare). Haunt is a sassy little mash-up: think Ghostbusters meets Gone With the…

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