Heather Hambel Curley

About me

I am a living historian with the Baltimore Light Artillery and a former volunteer with Harpers Ferry National Historial Park in both living history and archaeology.

I write New Adult romance about the Civil War. I also write about the Edwardian era and World War II.

From my website

My career as Gollum continues

Last night, as I feverishly worked on one of three novels I wanted to have finished like, yesterday, I commented to The Hubs that movies featuring writers always portray the writer as being insane. Other than Funny Farm.  And that’s debatable. It’s been a horror movie extravaganza on television recently…

Writing in the writer’s cave: the musical!

I’ve been avoiding the Internet like the plague (drinking gold and wearing elaborate masks and such) in order to finish All I Desire.  And it’s done!  And submitted to the publisher!  Yay!  The Lazarus Society Trilogy: two down, one to go. Now I’m stumbling around like Gollum, unfamiliar with human…

Our freedom to write

I had a happy little blog post half written and then I made this mistake of trying to be “the cool wife” and sit down to watch football with The Hubs.  Because, give me a rum and coke and I’ll do that kind of thing.  I used to be a…

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