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I am in my mid twenties, working on my Masters degree in History: Ancients and Classics, and currently work for the the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. When I’m not working, I’m probably doing one of the following: reading, cooking/baking, traveling, or hanging out with my husband and our two cats.

I started my blog, The Maiden’s Court, in May 2009 as a creative outlet for my reading and it has completely taken me to new places. I love sharing my reading and the things that I learn and meeting/talking with others who share the same interest.

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What is a Colophon?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes at the very, very end of a book there is a segment which explains the history behind the font chosen for the book? It looks something like this: From The Queen's Vow by C.W. GortnerYou don’t come across them often, and probably even less so…

Book Review: The Woman Who Would Be King by Kara Cooney

The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut's Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt by Kara CooneyUnabridged, 10 hr. 22 min.Random House AudioKara Cooney (Narrator)October 14, 2014★★★☆☆Genre: Non-Fiction, BiographySource: Personal purchase via AudibleAn engrossing biography of the longest-reigning female pharaoh in Ancient Egypt and the story of her audacious rise to…

Interview with Cynthia Ripley Miller & Giveaway

Good morning everyone!  I am excited to welcome Cynthia Ripley Miller, author of On the Edge of Sunrise, the first in a series set in the late Roman period.  This is a time period I do not see a lot of books set in, so I'm excited to hear more…

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