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I am in my mid twenties, working on my Masters degree in History: Ancients and Classics, and currently work for the the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. When I’m not working, I’m probably doing one of the following: reading, cooking/baking, traveling, or hanging out with my husband and our two cats.

I started my blog, The Maiden’s Court, in May 2009 as a creative outlet for my reading and it has completely taken me to new places. I love sharing my reading and the things that I learn and meeting/talking with others who share the same interest.

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Voices on the Road: My Favorite Narrators & HUGE Giveaway!!

November and December are months where many travel to see family and friends during the holidays and to celebrate with each other.  Audiobooks are an awesome travel companion when making a lengthy road-trip.  The Audio Publishers Association is hosting a tour this month with blogs featuring their favorite audiobooks or…

Book Review: Becoming Mrs. Smith by Tanya E. Williams

Becoming Mrs. Smith (Volume 1) by Tanya E. WilliamsARC, e-Book, 110 pagesRippling Effects Writing & PhotographyOctober 10, 2017★★★★ ½☆Genre: Historical Fiction, NovellaSource: Received for review with Historical Fiction Virtual Book ToursNot all of war’s destruction takes place on the battlefield.Violet’s heart flutters from the scarlet fever she survived as a…

Series Highlight: The Graham Saga by Anna Belfrage

About The Graham Saga SeriesThis is the story of Alex and Matthew, two people who should never have met – not when she was born three hundred years after him.It all began the day Alex Lind got caught in a thunderstorm. Not your ordinary storm, no this was the mother…

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