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Harvey Simon is the author of The Madman Theory, an alternate history novel set during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The novel’s publication coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Missile Crisis, when the world stood at the brink of nuclear war.

In The Madman Theory, John Kennedy loses the ’60 election to Vice President Richard Nixon. Two years later the Soviets are caught building a secret nuclear missile base in Cuba and President Nixon must decide how to respond.

As the confrontation between the US and its nuclear foe spirals out of control, Pat Nixon struggles to reconcile her strong sense of a wife’s proper role with her marriage to a man who has thrust her into a public life she despises and the two confront their longstanding grievances.

Harvey is a freelance writer and editor living in Washington, DC. His articles have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and elsewhere. He is a former Harvard University public policy researcher and writer.

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New Directions

So far everything here has been about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuba, Nixon and anything else I can think of that's somehow relevant to my novel, The Madman Theory. But recently--very recently--I became a blogger for The Huffington Post. Though I did write one piece there on Cuba, I've started…

Rubio Doesn't Know Cuba's History

In an earlier post I discussed the propriety of publishing an article that could, at least indirectly and in some small measure, serve to undermine a policy I support. The policy in question is President Obama's effort normalize relations with Cuba. Raul Castro's 1960 statement that he wanted to "drop…

Screenplay Sample

Below are the first two scenes from the screenplay I'm adapting from The Madman Theory. Comments are welcome. INT. WHITE HOUSE CABINET ROOM - DAY [SILENT] Six men are seated on one side of a long table, talking among themselves, smoking and reading from briefing books. WRITTEN WORDS (crawl) In…

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