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Writer of 17th century action adventure novels about Royalist spies in Oliver Cromwell’s England. Debut novel is set in The Hague, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, London and Paris during 1653. Currently submitting to agents and working on the second in the series, set in Copenhagen and York.

More details available at http://www.hjreynolds.co.uk

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Learning from the master – Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell has written over 55 novels and sold more than 20 million books worldwide. 20 million. Just let that sink in. He’s one of my favourite novelists. I devoured the Sharpe series and am now into his Uhtred Saxon/Dane epic. UK appearances are rare as he now lives in…

“Love and mirth are my business” – The Rover by Aphra Behn at The RSC

While researching my dissertation on Aphra Behn, I found her short-lived career as a spy fascinating. When I picked up The Rover its alternative title of The Banish’d Cavaliers made me wonder – what did those flamboyant losers of the English Civil Wars get up to when Oliver Cromwell was…

Writer’s block? How Hollywood can save you

I’m a huge fan of television and cinema. I think very visually. So I suppose it’s inevitable that when writer’s block strikes, my brain brings up snippets from films and TV series to help. Here are some favourites to evoke a feeling or idea. Fear, advice and suspicion: The Matrix…

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