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Gwendolyn’s debut novel, The Memory Painter, is coming 4/28/15 from Picador.

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The Fortune Teller ~ Selected Bibliography & Research

  For my upcoming novel, The Fortune Teller, I’ve compiled a list of books, documentaries, films and other materials that helped with my research. The Fortune Teller is a mystery and a romance and it time-travels but in a much different way than my first novel, The Memory Painter, which delved into reincarnation…

The Fortune Teller ~ Advance Reader Copies on Goodreads!

The Fortune Teller is having a publisher’s Goodreads Giveaway this week, from 2/14 to 2/21! 10 Advance Reader Copies available. Click here to enter on Goodreads    

The Fortune Teller’s New Cover!

My first book news for 2017! I’m incredibly excited to share the final cover for The Fortune Teller. Designed by LeeAnn Falciani I cannot wait to hold the book in hand in June (about 5 months and 3 days away, but who’s counting… ;)) Many thanks to my team at Picador.

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