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Gwen Mayo is a history junkie. Her writing is steeped in the rich history of her native Kentucky. Circle of Dishonor, her first novel, and upcoming sequel Concealed in Ash are set during the turbulent political upheaval of post Civil War Kentucky: a time when vigilantes and secret societies wielded power, and violent death was more common in Kentucky than anywhere else in the United States. She currently lives and writes in Tarpon Springs, Florida, but grew up in a large Irish family in the hills of Eastern Kentucky.

Gwen is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, and a member of the Short Mystery Fiction Society and Sisters in Crime. Her stories have appeared in anthologies, at online short fiction sites, and in micro-fiction collections. In 2008 she teamed up with co-author Sarah E. Glenn to write mystery stories. They have since formed Mystery & Horror, LLC and are collaborating on a new mystery novel set in the Roaring Twenties.

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Back in the Saddle Again

Okay, I'm not literally back in the saddle. Injuries from my ill-spent youth prevent me from being able to ride a horse, but I am working on several writing projects that I'm excited about. In later posts I'll tell readers about other projects. Today I wanted to let you know…

2017 Derringer Awards

        BEST FLASH STORY (1 - 1,000 words) The 2017 Derringer for Best Flash Story is presented to Herschel Cozinefor“The Phone Call”  (Flash Bang Mysteries, Summer 2016) FINALISTS“Aftermath” by Craig Faustus Buck(Flash Bang Mysteries, Spring 2016) “A Just Reward” by O'Neil De Noux (Flash Bang Mysteries, Winter 2016) “The Orphan” by Billy Kring…

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