Greg Michaels

About me

Seattle area actor, Greg Michaels, has acted in over fifty theater productions, more than forty television shows, and choreographed dozens of fights for stage and screen. Now, however, when the veteran actor declares “I’m an author” he isn’t playing a role—THE SECRETS OF CASANOVA, his debut novel, has just been published. The book, loosely based on Casanova’s extraordinary life, is a provocative blend of mystery, adventure, and romance.
Before Michaels put a single word on paper—but after two long years of historical research—he was gifted “seed money” by a friend; the author promptly hired a baby-sitter for his young son and began work. He continued rewriting the novel while working as a professional actor—no small feat since many of his auditions were 165 miles away. “My determination has paid off,” says Michaels. “I’ve written the book I envisioned. It’s a genuine pleasure to hold a dream in your hand.”

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