George Patrick Dovel

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Author of bookish historical thrillers.

Available now: The Geometry of Vengeance, a psychological thriller set in 13th-century France.

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A Right and Good Way to Think About One’s Writing

The magnificently named Augustus John Cuthbert Hare opened the preface of his 1887 guidebook Paris with the following statement: A better book than this might easily have been published, but no one else has tried to write anything of the kind, and I have done my best. I don’t know…

The Art of Invective: Ovid’s “Ibis”

Nikita Khrushchev: “We will bury you!” Dirty Harry Callahan: “Go ahead. Make my day.” Mike Tyson: “I’m gonna gut you like a fish.” Oh, boo hoo. You want to threaten somebody? Do it properly: While Thracians fight with bows, Iazyges with spears, while the Ganges runs warm, and Danube cold:…

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