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Gary Inbinder is the author of five historical novels: The Flower to the Painter (Fireship Press 2011), Confessions of the Creature (Fireship Press 2012), The Devil In Montmartre (Pegasus Books 2014),The Hanged Man (Pegasus Books 2016) and The Man Upon The Stair (Pegasus Books 2018)

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Happy 200th Anniversary, Frankenstein!

Happy 200th Anniversary, Frankenstein! The current Historical Novels Review (HNR Issue 85) features Bethany Latham’s cover story, Happy 200th Anniversary, Frankenstein. In her tribute to Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel, first published in 1818, Ms. Latham references several novels based on Shelley’s original, including my Confessions of the Creature. Here’s an…

The Man Upon the Stair: Excerpt

This week's issue of Bewildering Stories features an excerpt from my third Inspector Lefebvre historical mystery, The Man Upon the Stair. Here's a link to the excerpt. Man Upon the Stair will be out February 6, and is currently available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.“A…

The Man Upon The Stair

I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of the third installment in my Inspector Lefebvre: Mystery in Fin de Siecle Paris series. The Man Upon The Stair will be out from Pegasus Books, expected publication February 2018. Many thanks to the growing number of Achille Lefebvre fans who have kept…

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