Gary B. Haley

About me

Gary B. Haley began life in an itinerant military family that eventually found its way back home to Fort Worth in the mid ’60s where he and his brothers grew up, and the Beatles song “Paperback Writer” inspired him to write. In the early ‘80s, Haley found himself a single parent, and did his best to meet the challenges of trying to raise two daughters, work full time, and finish his degree. His daughters have long since grown up and, between them, have four bright kids of their own. Haley moved to Denver in 2005 where he married a brilliant doctor, works as a software engineer, and spends much of his free time writing in some of his favorite Rocky Mountain hideaways.

His first novel, The Scrapbook Lecture, is based on 28 years of research while his latest, The Attunement, is based on experiences in Central America and the Middle East in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

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