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I was raised on both coasts and straight down the middle of America, where the cobblestone streets of Old Town Alexandria, the wild prairies and outlaws of Kansas, and the rolling hills of San Francisco inspired my thirst for history. Luckily, I was able to grow up and continue slake this passion with the best job in the world: writing historical fiction. I live with my family in Northern California with incredibly possessive and territorial cat, a perpetually disastrous kitchen, and a house full of books.

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INTERVIEW: Apollonia Lord, author of Seduced by the Outlaw

I love discovering new authors who write in my favorite time period, and I had to interview Apollonia Lord about her debut, Seduced by the Outlaw. It’s 1896, and Tamar Freeman is a respectable citizen of Kansas City, maintaining her family legacy, running the local newspaper, and caring for her…

Introducing Jennifer Hallock

The “Approach to the Bridge of Spain in New Town, Manila,” taken in 1899 and found at the Library of Congress here. Notice the American, the only one wearing a dark shirt in the tropics. In French, the word histoire can mean either a chronicle of the past or a fresh fictional tale. As…

Edwardian Women in STEM: The Harvard Computers

Edward Charles Pickering and his Computers standing in front of Building C at the Harvard College Observatory, 13 May 1913. L-R (rear): Margaret Harwood, Mollie O’Reilly, Pickering, Edith Gill, Annie Jump Cannon, Evelyn Leland, Florence Cushman, Marion Whyte, Grace Brooks — L-R (front): Arville Walker, Johanna Mackie, Alta Carpenter, Mabel…

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