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I was raised on both coasts and straight down the middle of America, where the cobblestone streets of Old Town Alexandria, the wild prairies and outlaws of Kansas, and the rolling hills of San Francisco inspired my thirst for history. Luckily, I was able to grow up and continue slake this passion with the best job in the world: writing historical fiction. I live with my family in Northern California with incredibly possessive and territorial cat, a perpetually disastrous kitchen, and a house full of books.

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The Years America Ran Red: A History of Lynching in the United States

A Man Was Lynched Yesterday.Flag flying above Fifth Avenue, New York City, ca. 1938. Copyprint.NAACP Collection, Prints and Photographs Division.Reproduction Number: LC-USZC4-4734/LC-USZ62-33793 (6-10b)Courtesy of the NAACP Many would love to believe that life one hundred years ago was gentler, better mannered, and simpler than today. I love history dearly, and…

Cantigny Day Giveaway: Fall of Poppies

In celebration of Cantigny Day, I am giving away five (5) copies of Fall of Poppies! (Domestic US only) a Rafflecopter giveaway The post Cantigny Day Giveaway: Fall of Poppies appeared first on Edwardian Promenade.

Cantigny Day

Former Leader of First Division and Hostesses: (l. to r.) Mrs. George A. McKinlock, Major General Charles P. Summerall, and Mrs. Harold Hood – Chicago Daily Tribune (May 29, 1920) source: newspapers.com With 2017 lurking just around the corner, there has been a slight uptick in books published about the…

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