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Erika Rummel is the author of a dozen non-fiction books (Renaissance history, biography) and two novels, PLAYING NAOMI (2009) and HEAD GAMES (2013). She divides her time between Toronto and Los Angeles and has lived in small villages in Argentina, Romania, and Bulgaria.

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THE WEATHER REPORT FROM HERE AND THERE.Dry weather going through Texas (no surprise there).Wet in L.A., but at least no mudslides.And now for something entirely different (and no, I don't wish I was there! The air is too thin for me in the Himalayas).

#AMREADING MAGDA SZABO’S KATALIN STREET.Image from 3bp.blogspotThe novel follows the lives of three families in Budapest through WWII and its political aftermath into the post-communist era. It is a tragic tale, in which the survivors are filled with guilt and regret and the dead continue to wander the streets full…

A VICTIM OF HIS TIME? #SCHUSCHNIGG LETTERS CONT.The Gestapo kept Kurt Schuschnigg in solitary confinement except for weekly visits by his wife, Vera. He worried about his son, Kurt Jr., who was not allowed to attend school in Vienna and had to be put into a boarding school in Munich.Vera…

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