Enna Treaw

About me

Hi I’m from Belgium (Flanders) and have written (when younger well not that much younger!) a book about horses and published articles in magazines, newspapers. I have been fascinated since childhood in writing stories and history. What I got from my father a real history buff – the writing too, I presume? One of his ancestors wrote poems, has a street named after him, and his photo is in a local museum. His godfather was a general who was decorated by three kings for winning a battle in the First World War, so my ancestors were not all pen pushers! At present I am working on a story set in the late 700s (Charlemagne’s kingdom) just before the Viking Age and hope it there will be more than one book. Other then that I am also working on screenplays. One set in the Second World War, one set in the First World War, well now you know why I mentioned the general and one set in 1961, Berlin. I teach silk painting in a cultural centre run by the local municipality combining it with felting.

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