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As a professor of history who has begun writing fiction, I plan to explore the historical fiction genre in the near future. It’s where I started out, but then went the PhD route instead, and now I’m coming back to it. The book I tried to write 20 years ago was titled Full Circle. Now I see that as ironic. You have to go the distance to see where you’ve been, right?

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Malta: the oldest of old, the bluest of blue

Time has a way of collapsing into itself on Malta. The country is a group of four islands – Malta, the largest; Gozo, also inhabited; and then the tiny, uninhabited Comino and Filfia – that remain of an ancient land bridge between the Italian boot and the Carthaginian peninsula of…

“Fake News” is a tactic to divide and conquer

A panel of top American journalists in Paris met last weekend at The American Cathedral’s morning forum for a discussion on fake news. They offered a solid analysis of why the media landscape has shifted so dramatically under the Trump administration. “Fake news” – known in the past as propaganda…

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