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As a professor of history who has begun writing fiction, I plan to explore the historical fiction genre in the near future. It’s where I started out, but then went the PhD route instead, and now I’m coming back to it. The book I tried to write 20 years ago was titled Full Circle. Now I see that as ironic. You have to go the distance to see where you’ve been, right?

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The song cannot be sung

Freedom of expression lost another round in France last week with the new law aimed at “modernizing” the health system. It covered many aspects, and began on the note that France has an excellent health care system that is the envy of other nations. The part that concerns me here…

Conflict in the idea of free speech

In Paris, alongside the sorrow and tension, this has been a week of questions and limits, with a strong focus on freedom of speech. Misunderstanding over that point is rampant, and I feel the need to climb up into my professor chair and clear things up. The gap between freedom…

Liberty, equality and open carry

If the founding principle of the American Revolution is freedom, the equivalent value for the French Revolution is equality. Both nations have been chipping away at those principles ever since, as the United States heightens security consciousness to an Orwellian degree, and equality in France exists in law, but not…

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