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As a professor of history who has begun writing fiction, I plan to explore the historical fiction genre in the near future. It’s where I started out, but then went the PhD route instead, and now I’m coming back to it. The book I tried to write 20 years ago was titled Full Circle. Now I see that as ironic. You have to go the distance to see where you’ve been, right?

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Explaining American politics abroad

Again, yesterday, the question. This time from a Belgian, but it has also come from French, Italians, Spaniards. How can someone like Donald Trump possibly have a chance at being president of the United States? There is, of course, no easy answer. Here are some of the reasons I offer,…

Jim Crow Jerusalem

The Jordan River, the mother of all metaphors, is nearly gone. I was excited about crossing it last week from Jordan into Israel, a journey of mythological standing and cultural legacy, but we crossed nothing more than a rocky, trash-strewn bed, dry as a bone. Does truth lie there, representing…

The demise of the phone booth: no more privacy in public

France has declared an end to the public phone booth. In the next two years, the glass cabin on the street will be no more. With it goes the last little bit of private space in public, an end to a moment’s refuge from the street or, for the homeless,…

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