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Downton Abbey ā€“ Why Lady Edith is the true Heroine of the Series

This Sunday marked the final episode of Downton Abbey. Iā€™m not ashamed to admit that I bawled through most of this episode even though I had seen it already (I bought the DVD weeks ago). Oh, I have had my issues with this series over the years, the almost too…

Scarlet Woman: The Life of Diana Vreeland

Trailer for Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel 'She had this taste for the extraordinary...she took the mundane and the mediocre and she made it ravishing, and she made it OK for women to be ambitious, for women to be outlandish and extraordinary and for women to garner attention.' -…

Book Review: Melanie Benjamin's The Swans of Fifth Avenue

The Swans of Fifth Avenue ā€“ Melanie BenjaminPrint Length: 368 pagesPublisher: Delacorte Press (January 26, 2016)Publication Date: January 26, 2016Sold by: Random House LLCHow Acquired:  Net GalleyWhat's it about:  Of all the glamorous stars of New York high society, none blazes brighter than Babe Paley. Her flawless face regularly graces the pages of Vogue,…

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