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Novel Inspiration

I’m always fascinated by the first spark of inspiration that leads to a book. For some, inspiration hits and almost immediately a story flows forth. But for me, it seems that inspiration needs a good deal of time to germinate, laying dormant for years in my subconscious, building strength. My…

For the Love of Words

My father passed away this summer after a long, valiant battle with a Parkinsons-like illness. He lost so much and endured great suffering, but I can’t help but think the hardest thing for him was the loss of his ability to use words. My dad wasn’t a writer, but he…

My Take on Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell by Hans Holbein It’s no secret that I am not fan of Hilary Mantel’s take on Thomas Cromwell. He is a big player in my novel, Mine Own Good Daughter, and my research led me to a very different conclusion about Cromwell’s character.  I thought it might interesting…

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