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My Take on Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell by Hans Holbein It’s no secret that I am not fan of Hilary Mantel’s take on Thomas Cromwell. He is a big player in my novel, Mine Own Good Daughter, and my research led me to a very different conclusion about Cromwell’s character.  I thought it might interesting…

Friends + Bacon= LOVE

I am blessed beyond description with generous, caring, wise, hysterically funny and loyal friends. I do not deserve a one of them, but please do not let them know. Case in point, the magnificent Holly Conner. Holly wrote a beautiful guest post about my writing journey for the very savory…

Hilary Mantel, I Beg to Differ

Now that this season of Downton Abbey has concluded in the US, I’m already feeling a little out of sorts and lonely. During the gray, cold days of January and February, I’ve had Downton to look forward to each Sunday night. If only for an hour, I could lose myself…

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