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Elizabeth Blackwell is the author of “While Beauty Slept,” a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam, Feb. 2014). She is an avid reader of historical fiction dating back to the Norah Lofts/Jean Plaidy/Susan Howatch books she devoured in high school.

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Real Social Networking

I hate “networking.” I always feel awkward interacting with groups of people I don’t know (introvert alert!) and I’m much better at self-deprecation than selling myself. And though I spend a fair amount of time online, so-called “social networks” come with their own drawbacks: snippy Facebook comments, Twitter trolls, nasty…

#WritingTips: Write What You Love?

No one needs another Titanic book. That’s what kept going through my head as I started work on what would become ON A COLD DARK SEA. Everyone’s seen the movie; the tragedy has long since been over-exploited. But I had this idea I couldn’t let go of, one of those…

A Dying Literary Genre: The Christmas Letter

It’s four days until Christmas, and I’ve gotten hardly any Christmas letters. You may remember those from the distant past….say, 1995. In mid-December, your mailbox would fill up with cards from great-aunts and cousins and friends from college who’d moved far away. The cards almost always included a one-page summary…

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