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My first historical novel, The de Lacy Inheritance, was published my Myrmidon Books in 2010.

It was whilst I was researching for my local interest book, Tales of Old Lancashire,that I discovered the story about a hermit that was my inspiration.

I’ve always been a writer. I ‘sold’ my first article to the girls’ magazine,Diana,at the age of eleven for one pound and my first short story was published not long afterwards in Pony Annual. Since then I’ve been published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

In 2006 the first of my non-fiction books, Champion Lancastrians, was published by Sigma Press and since then Countryside Books have published Lancashire:Who Lies Beneath as well as Tales of Old Lancashire.

A second novel is currently under consideration by a publisher and I have two more local interest books coming out soon.

From my website

The Voynich Manuscript

In my new novel, The Merlin’s Wife, I based the manuscript that John Dee is determined to decipher on The Voynich Manuscript. This book is hand written on vellum. It has no title and no author is credited. It contains over 200 pages and is divided into sections, apparently dealing…

The Merlin’s Wife Chapter One

The Merlin’s Wife   Chapter One   “When were you born?” asks Lady Howard. “Born, my lady?” asks Jane as she comes in with the clean under-linen. “Yes. What day, and what time?” Lady Howard looks up. “I need to know. Dr Dee has consented to cast our horoscopes.” Jane…

John Dee’s Protestant Calendar and the search for God’s Longitude

When is Easter this year? It’s a question that vexes us and causes all sorts of problems with holidays and school terms. Unlike Christmas, which always falls on the 25th December, Easter is a moveable feast that can occur any time between the 22nd March and the 25th April. In…

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