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Elise Frances Miller’s novel, The Berkeley Girl, in Paris 1968 (Sand Hill Review Press) is an Independent Press Awards’ 2017 Distinguished Favorite in Historical Fiction. The Berkeley Girl: Rendezvous in London and other Stories of the 1960s will be published in fall, 2017. With her degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA, Elise began writing as an art critic for the Los Angeles Times, Art News and San Diego Magazine. She taught high school and college humanities, and served as a communications director at San Diego State University and Stanford. Her short stories have appeared in The Sand Hill Review (fiction editor, 2008), Best of the Sand Hill Review, and several of the Fault Zone series. Like the historical novels she enjoys reading, hers is thoroughly researched, based on historical events that take flight through its imaginary characters and plot. https://elisefrancesmiller.com/

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My Confessions from the Summer of Love

OTHER people having a blast in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park during the summer of 1967. During the Summer of Love I was in Berkeley—not in San Francisco. Recently, listening to a PBS special on the Beatles’ masterpiece, “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” brought me back, as only music…

Perspective on yesterday’s Women’s March from 49 years ago

When Jay and I, with our friends Mary and Stu, joined 100,000 Bay Area protestors yesterday at Civic Center, I was struck by how similar the rally and Women’s March were to events I witnessed in Paris nearly 49 years ago. There will be many renditions of yesterday on Facebook…

Reading Proust with Friends – The Celebration!

(l to r) Marilyn, Stuart, Jay, Elise, Helene, Larry “Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust, also called In Search of Lost Time, is a multi-volume novel, the story of a man’s journey through life, starting when he is a boy.”   L’Ardoise Bistro   So began our presentation last…

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