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Elise Frances Miller’s collection, The Berkeley Girl: Rendezvous in London, a Novella and other Stories of the 1960s, was published by Sand Hill Review Press in September 2017. Her novel, The Berkeley Girl, in Paris 1968 (2016) was an Independent Press Awards’ 2017 Distinguished Favorite in Historical Fiction. With her degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA, Elise began writing as an art critic for the Los Angeles Times, Art News and San Diego Magazine. She taught high school and college humanities, and served as a communications director at San Diego State University and Stanford. Her short stories have appeared in The Sand Hill Review (fiction editor, 2008), Best of the Sand Hill Review, and several of the Fault Zone series. Like the historical novels she enjoys reading, hers is thoroughly researched, based on historical events that take flight through its imaginary characters and plot. Follow her blog and updates at elisefrancesmiller.com/

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A Berkeley Girl Looks Back

Photo of Paris 1968 by Serge Hambourg. Fifty years ago this month, the May Revolution began in Paris and spread throughout France. The population of France was just over 50 million, and 10 million workers went out on strike. Imagine if today, out of 327 million Americans, 65 million or…

What the “Women’s March” is all about in 2018

I’ll get right to it. There is a connection between the upcoming Women’s March and most other issues now faced in America: abuse of power. We have a lot to march against on Saturday, January 20. From the spate of sexual harassment revelations, to the denigration of women, blacks, LBGT,…

My Other Life – Explaining my Unexpected List of New Year’s Resolutions

Elise’s nonfiction book – a recent result of “my other life” It occurred to me after I received such a lovely response from my New Year’s Resolutions post, that many of my novel-and-blog readers might be confused! I wrote: “Lots of New Years Resolutions, beginning with attending the Women’s March,…

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