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Elisabeth Storrs has long had a passion for the history, myths and legends of the ancient world.

She graduated from the University of Sydney in Arts Law, majoring in English and having studied Classics. She lives with her husband and two sons in Sydney and over the years has worked as a solicitor, corporate lawyer, senior manager and company secretary.

Elisabeth’s first novel, The Wedding Shroud, is set in early Rome and Etruria, and was researched and written over a period of ten years. She is currently writing the sequel which will be released by Pier 9 / Murdoch Books in 2013.

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On Inspiration: Interview with Helen Hollick

My guest today is the wonderful Helen Hollick. Helen started writing pony stories as a young teenager. She moved onto science fiction and fantasy and then discovered the delight of writing historical fiction. Helen is published in the UK and the US with her books about King Arthur and the…

My Main Character Blog Hop: Aemilia Caeciliana in the Tales of Ancient Rome

Alison Morton has tagged me in this blog hop where I’ll answer questions about my main character in the Tales of Ancient Rome series. Alison writes a series of alternative history “what if” thrillers set in Roma Nova, a survival of the Roman Republic which is located in Central Europe…

On Inspiration: Interview with Eva Stachniak

My guest today is Eva Stachniak author of The Winter Palace, her novel of Catherine the Great which was an international bestseller, and has been included in The Washington Post 2012 list of most notable fiction. Empress of the Night, her second Catherine the Great novel, has just been published…

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