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Elisabeth Storrs has long had a passion for the history, myths and legends of the ancient world. She graduated from University of Sydney in Arts Law, having studied Classics. Her curiosity piqued by an Etruscan sarcophagus depicting a couple embracing for eternity, she discovered the little known story of the struggle between Etruscan Veii and Republican Rome and the inspiration to write the TALES OF ANCIENT ROME series which have been endorsed by Ursula Le Guin, Kate Quinn, Ben Kane and Helen Hollick.

Elisabeth lives with her husband and two sons in Sydney, Australia, and over the years has worked as a solicitor, corporate lawyer and corporate governance consultant. She is a co founder of the Historical Novel Society Australasia.

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Review of The Golden Dice by Chanticleer Book Reviews

“Set in the 4th century BCE, this gorgeously-written, masterful blend of fact and fiction exposes the raw passions, betrayals and victories of three strong women as they navigate politics and corruption in an ancient world at war.” Leona Rinaldi from Chanticleer Book Reviews has given The Golden Dice a stellar…

Time and Regret: ‘Why I used a first person narrator’ by MK Tod

My guest today on Triclinium is MK Tod, Canadian author of the newly released Time and Regret. Mary began writing while living as an expat in Hong Kong. What started as an interest in her grandparents’ lives turned into a full-time occupation writing historical fiction. Her novel Unravelled was awarded…

Review of Call to Juno by Sarah Johnson from Reading the Past

“The history and culture of these ancient peoples are presented in exquisite detail, from the finer aspects of religious belief to politics, art, and the mechanisms of warfare.” Sarah Johnson from Reading the Past lit blog has given Call to Juno a terrific review. It’s wonderful that she has reviewed…

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