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Elisabeth Storrs has long had a passion for the history, myths and legends of the ancient world. She graduated from University of Sydney in Arts Law, having studied Classics. Her curiosity piqued by an Etruscan sarcophagus depicting a couple embracing for eternity, she discovered the little known story of the struggle between Etruscan Veii and Republican Rome and the inspiration to write the TALES OF ANCIENT ROME series which have been endorsed by Ursula Le Guin, Kate Quinn, Ben Kane and Helen Hollick.

Elisabeth lives with her husband and two sons in Sydney, Australia, and over the years has worked as a solicitor, corporate lawyer and corporate governance consultant. She is a co founder of the Historical Novel Society Australasia.

From my website

$100 Gift Card & Book Giveaway: A Summer of History

I love introducing my readers to great historical novels. So what’s better than having a chance at winning books and a $100 gift card from 18 top writers of historical fiction today? Best of all, it’s just in time for you to kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy…

Article for HISTORIA Magazine: The Prostitutes of Rome

I was delighted to provide an article for HISTORIA, the magazine of the Historical Writers’ Association, about Roman She Wolves, Night Moths and Tomb Whores. You can read the article here. Many thanks to Katherine Clements!… Read more

Guest Post on Helen Hollick’s Litblog: How to clothe a character

The smallest detail can lead to the deepest research. Deciding how to clothe my character, Pinna, as a Roman concubine proved to be more involved than I anticipated. Read about my research into the dress of Roman whores, matrons and concubines on Helen Hollick’s blog, Let’s Talk of Many Things.…

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