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Elisabeth Storrs has long had a passion for the history, myths and legends of the ancient world. She graduated from University of Sydney in Arts Law, having studied Classics. Her curiosity piqued by an Etruscan sarcophagus depicting a couple embracing for eternity, she discovered the little known story of the struggle between Etruscan Veii and Republican Rome and the inspiration to write the TALES OF ANCIENT ROME series which have been endorsed by Ursula Le Guin, Kate Quinn, Ben Kane and Helen Hollick.

Elisabeth lives with her husband and two sons in Sydney, Australia, and over the years has worked as a solicitor, corporate lawyer and corporate governance consultant. She is a co founder of the Historical Novel Society Australasia.

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Call to Juno shortlisted for the Chaucer Awards

Very excited to say Call to Juno has been shortlisted for the Chanticleer Book Reviews Chaucer Award. Cross fingers for me. The Golden Dice was a first category winner in 2014 so I’m hopeful history will repeat itself!

Keynote Speech and ‘The Telling Detail’ Workshop

I had a wonderful time giving the keynote speech at the Society of Women Writers’ NSW luncheon this week at the Mitchell Library. The topic was ‘Art, Inspiration and Historical Fiction: A Tuscan Odyssey’. I always LOVE talking about the Etruscans! And I enjoyed meeting participants in my workshop ‘The…

On Inspiration: Interview with Elizabeth Jane Corbett

My guest today is a fellow Australian. She is debut author Elizabeth Jane Corbett. When Elizabeth isn’t writing, she works as a librarian, teaches Welsh at the Melbourne Celtic Club and writes articles for the Historical Novel Review. In 2009, her short-story, ‘Beyond the Blackout Curtain’, won the Bristol Short…

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